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American Hungarian Folklore Centrum – Magyar Folklórközpont

The American Hungarian Folklore Centrum [AHFC] was established in 1978 as a non profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of Hungarian folklore through the private and scholarly life of North America. The AHFC is a division of the American Hungarian Educators Association.

Every program the AHFC organizes or manages are geared to the general public, but are rooted in the Hungarian community. Some of the programs and projects are noted below:

The American Hungarian Museum is a local community Museum for the Passaic New Jersey Hungarians. It collects, maintains, exhibits and organizes events for the community. It has been established in 1982.

The Hungarian Folkdance and Folk Music Symposium is a biennial event which is held in a camp environment to allow a complete immersion in Hungarian folkdance and other forms of folk culture to the participants. The best ensembles from Hungary are invited and renown folklore experts teach in a workshop setting at the week long event.

Touring of Hungarian folklorists musical bands, performing ensembles, lecturers and choreographers for the benefit of the local community groups and for the general public interested in these folk idioms.

Publication of books and recordings have been undertaken whenever appropriate. These projects are only organized if it is identified that no other resource will publish the material and it is of vital value.

Hungaria Folkdance Ensemble & the Eletfa Folk Music Ensemble are two of the performing group which operate under the sponsorship of the AHFC. These groups are nationally acclaimed ensembles.

Scholarships are given out to support talented Hungarian youth to attend a University in the USA while performing Hungarian folklore.

PONTOZO Hungarian Folkdance Festivals are organized in several areas of the USA to support those performing ensembles which work in North America and present Hungarian folklore.

Presentation of folklore groups in the Greater New York Area is a regular undertaking for AHFC. This activity also requires continuous networking with other non-profit groups and presenters and assists in the stated goals of AHFC.

Maintenance of a home page and a newsletter are additional activities of AHFC which are under full development.

For more information contact:
Kalman Magyar
Tel: 201-836-4869